Imagine Change.

What’s your Plan for Peace?

Plan for Peace is a global organisation that acts as a catalyst for peace. We facilitate inclusive conflict transformation processes designed to support every level of society – from the grassroots to governments. Honed over decades of experience, we help build and support lasting infrastructures for peace.

Observe & Listen

We believe that peace begins within. Our experience has shown us that building a lasting framework for peace requires that individuals feel seen, heard and included.

Peace work takes time. Observation & Listening leads to understanding, which creates the trust that allows people, processes and systems to be positively transformed.

Collaborate & Empower

We support learning and good practices that really connect people.

We stand together with you as you create and strengthen your Plan for Peace.

Make Peace Credible

Our goal is to help people find strategic and creative ways to create viable and investable Plans for Peace.

We’re interested in new and inventive models so that we can work with you to contribute to a world without violent conflict.

Changemakers in Turbulent Times

Join our flagship 6-week programme, designed for people working for social change. Apply by 16th May, 2024.

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