Changemakers in

Turbulent Times

Everything you need to continue your changemaker journey.

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Course FAQs

Changemakers During Turbulent Times is a 10-week programme that will inspire, upskill and connect people working for change across the UK. It combines online workshops delivered by leading UK and global changemakers, with face-to-face sessions facilitated by our team.

All participants in this 10-week programme may apply for a seed grant at the end.

Those who are taking part in the programme are either working to make a positive change in their community, or would like to make a change but don’t know where to start. We have participants from a range of backgrounds and ages, working to address many different issues.

Those taking part live or work in one of the following places: Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Bradford, Slough or Newham in London.There are 48 places available on this programme – 8 per location.

This is a pilot project. We hope to offer opportunities in the future to people living in other parts of the UK. 

For any questions or concerns about the programme, you can contact our Project Manager, Ruby:

For any questions or concerns related specifically to your in-person sessions, you can contact your Community Connector, who will be in touch once you have accepted your place on the course.

You can read more about all our Community Connectors here.

This is a hybrid programme, delivered both online and in-person. This includes: 6 online sessions and 4 in-person workshops in your local area (Bradford, Belfast, Slough, Glasgow, Cardiff, Newham in London).

If you are having issues accessing Sutra, please contact our programme manager Ruby here.

The project is led by a team of facilitators with many years experience working for social change in the UK and globally. Read more about our team by clicking here.

We’re joined by at least seven inspiring speakers, predominantly from the UK, but also from the US. You can read more about our speakers by clicking here and downloading our brochure.

You can change the frequency of Sutra notifications by going to Settings on your Sutra profile.

– Go to the top right menu, click on your profile and choose Settings.

– On the left menu, click on Email Preferences.

– To the right, you’ll see a heading “Email digest frequency”.

– Click on the drop down menu and change to your preference i.e. on every message, every 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week etc.

You can also decide whether to turn on or off notifications for a weekly digest of newly tagged items and discussions or when someone @mentions you directly in a discussion space or Triad Group.

You will be required to commit a minimum of two hours a week to this programme.

There will be opportunities to get involved in additional activities if you would like to deepen your experience – so you could dedicate up to four hours a week if you wanted.

It’s important that you attend as many of the sessions as possible, particularly if you’re applying for the seed grant. However, we understand that you may not be able to attend them all – for online sessions there will be recordings available here on Sutra; for in-person sessions you will need to contact your Community Connector to let them know.

The in-person workshops will take place in a location that’s as easy as possible for participants in your local area to access. Your Community Connector has organised an appropriate venue and will share details.

The online sessions are delivered over Zoom and we also use this online platform, Sutra, to stay connected. Most people find it easy and straightforward to use. Your Community Connector and Ruby, our Project Manager, will support you as much as possible to access the online sessions if you feel unsure about your online skills.

If you’d like to talk to us about this or about any other access needs you have, please contact Ruby at

If you can follow a TedTalk in English on YouTube, and speak in English with a group of friends about things that are important to you, you should be able to follow the programme.

‘Closed captions’ will be enabled on the Zoom platform to enable anyone who needs that support to access it during the live sessions.

There is minimal reading and writing required. There are some supporting course materials in English, but reading these is not a requirement.

If you have any concerns about language or reading ability while on the programme, please get in touch with Ruby if you’d like to talk about it:

Yes, we will reimburse reasonable travel expenses for taking part in the in-person workshops delivered in your local area.

– You will meet people from all over the UK working on pressing issues – from climate change, to food poverty, to tackling knife crime and supporting asylum seekers and refugees – with opportunities to share learning and gain support.

– You will hear from inspiring changemakers from the UK and globally who will share their skills and experiences with you, helping you to overcome the challenges you face in your work.

– You will become part of a supportive local and national network of UK Changemakers, with opportunities for ongoing collaboration.

– You can apply for a seed grant of up to £2,000 at the end of the programme to continue your existing work or to get a new initiative off the ground.

Everyone has the opportunity to apply for up to £2,000 at the end of the programme. Regretfully, if everyone applies for the full amount, not every application will be successful as we have a limited pot of funding to distribute (£47,000).

However, you do not have to apply for the full amount and you can apply as a group with other participants.

Seed grants can be requested to get a new initiative off the ground, or to continue your existing work in a way that integrates your learning from the programme. We’ll share more detailed information about the seed grants shortly. The main criteria is that you can show the grant is going to support you to become, or to continue to be, a changemaker in your community.

This programme is funded by the National Lottery Bringing People Together Fund. The seed grants are funded by donations from our sister organisation, Business Plan for Peace.

Contact us:

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch so we can start a conversation.