Responding to Overwhelm:

Building a cross-sector infrastructure for community cohesion

Today, the UK is facing real political, social, and economic turbulence, like many places around the world. As individuals, we are all being asked to respond to these challenges on a local, national and global scale. The climate of turbulence is affecting everyone and it’s kicking up major challenges for fostering a sustainable cross-sector community infrastructure for social cohesion in the UK.

Yet, there is a powerful undercurrent of changemakers who are willing to bridge sectors and drive community change – individual to individual. The key is how to create space for meaningful connections, which can then grow into tangible change.

At Plan for Peace, we work closely with community changemakers across the UK to build locally-led community infrastructures for cohesion that are sustainable and nationally-bridging. Together, we explore the specific challenges faced by those working for social change and cohesion, and the ways in which our existing infrastructure can be harnessed – especially at an individual level – to encourage coordination and meaningful connection across sectors.

Below, you can find our full briefing paper exploring our programme’s impact and our recommendations to ensure a stronger infrastructure for peace in the UK.

Changemakers in Turbulent Times - Big Give Challenge 2023

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Slough Anti-Litter Society

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