Bob Berg - Chair of Board of Trustees

Meet Our New Chair of Trustees – Bob Berg

We are delighted to officially welcome the new Chair of our Board of Trustees, Bob Berg. This appointment comes at a significant time for Plan for Peace as we launch our UK-wide programme for community leaders (Changemakers in Turbulent Times) and solidify our infrastructures for peace work globally.

With his wealth of experience and ambition, Bob, our Board and Staff are poised to accelerate our organisation’s growth and impact. 

Bob has this to say about Plan for Peace’s mission:

 “Plan for Peace is unique because it takes a holistic view of what a country needs to best promote long-term peace.  Each country’s needs and abilities differ, so helping each country is an art. 

“Our work is intended to demonstrate to nations and the peacebuilding community the first fundamental, systemic approach to long-term peace. We envision and will foster innovation in the international donor system to assist in advice and capital to enable scores of countries to far better manage their internal challenges to peace.  

“This work is complemented by the training of corporate and civil society leaders by Plan and its sister organisation, Business Plan for Peace, to build personal and organisational strengths for peace in all their local and global settings.  

“This is exciting, consequential, and historic work which we invite you to join.”

Before joining our board, Bob founded the Office of Evaluation at the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and was the founding chair of evaluation for the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee. Furthermore, Bob served as President and Chair of the International Development Conference and as senior advisor to various UN bodies, including UNICEF, UNESCO and UNDP. 

In the peacebuilding field, Bob served as Chairman of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, which also brings a unique perspective to our work. The Alliance has over 180 member organisations that work on conflict resolution and conflict prevention in 181 countries. 

We are honoured and excited to have Bob’s guidance and wisdom at the fore of what we do. You can read more about our trustees and our board of advisors here