Support 500 Community Heroes Across the UK.

The Big Give 2023 Christmas Challenge

Every day, ordinary people around the UK are supporting their communities to overcome the most challenging issues of our times – youth violence, food poverty, race inequality, and climate change. Many are unpaid and this work is exhausting.

For this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge, we’re aiming to raise £36,650 for our Changemakers in Turbulent Times programme. This will be matched by the Big Give and the Reed Foundation, giving us a total of £73,300!

Thank you for supporting this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge. With your help, we have raised enough funds to continue to train, support and resource 500 community heroes across the UK.

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What is the Changemakers in Turbulent Times Programme?

Plan for Peace runs a groundbreaking programme called Changemakers in Turbulent Times that connects Changemakers locally and nationally to support one another and collaborate. We deliver both online and in-person sessions led by world-class experts on themes like ‘channelling anger for transformation’ and ‘deep listening’ – that build skills, courage and resilience.

We provide in-depth training to support people to bring communities together for difficult conversations that lead to effective action.

The Changemakers in Turbulent Times programme has seen resounding success and has proven to provide impactful results for both participants and their communities. Read more about our insights here.

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How Can Your Support Make a Difference?

By supporting our 2023 Big Give Christmas Challenge, you can help us bring the Changemakers in Turbulent Times programme to more areas in the UK. This project will ensure that our community heroes can continue to deliver life-changing work and bring about lasting change.

With your donations, we can:

  • Train, connect and support 500 community heroes across the UK – ensuring they have the courage, resilience and energy to continue delivering life-changing work in their communities.
  • Help us to develop a UK Changemakers Academy – a place where UK Changemakers can share ideas and best practices and learn from the best in their fields, from both the UK and globally.
  • Strengthen our existing network of Changemakers – so that they continue to feel inspired and supported and have more opportunities to work together to make their communities stronger, safer and more equitable.

How Our Work Supports Changemakers:

Paul Doherty

Founder of


Tirza Meinema

Co-founder of

Slough Anti-Litter Society

Shoba Resalayyan

Project Manager of

The Slough Hub

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