Crossing the Divide: Dive into Difficult Conversations That Matter 

Step into the realm of transformative public dialogue with our new Crossing the Divide series —brave online conversations that tackle the currents of polarization, blame, and extremism in the UK. 

In a tumultuous world where ideological fault lines threaten to deepen, we invite you to witness the power of listening as an act of profound empathy between individuals who have journeyed across some of the UK’s most divisive ideological landscapes.

With the UK increasingly fractured by issues like migration, gender, and religion, our series offers a space for challenging perspectives and reimagining the pathways to just and harmonious communities.

Engage in the discussion through interactive Q+A sessions with our high-profile guest speakers, skillfully moderated by Jo Berry, one of the UK’s best-known conflict transformation experts. Together, we’ll explore the far-reaching societal and policy implications of bridging divides and nurturing understanding.

Beyond the virtual conversations, the series features a wealth of downloadable resources, with practical techniques for navigating polarisation and transforming conflict.

By convening courageous public dialogues featuring former adversaries who have embraced empathy and reconciliation, we aim to catalyze introspection and provoke meaningful dialogue among our audiences. Our mission is clear: to foster stronger cross-community bonds, spark curiosity, and equip individuals with the tools to effectively challenge polarization in their communities.

This series builds on the success of two seminal events in 2023, where voices from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Troubles in Northern Ireland shared their poignant stories. You can watch those here: 

Will you join the conversation? Become a part of the movement towards greater empathy, understanding, and unity as we strengthen the UK’s foundation for peace.

Episode 1: From Hatred to Friendship

A conversation with former jihadist Manwar Ali and former far right extremist Ivan Humble. Moderated by Jo Berry. 

– Date: May 14, 2024

– Time: 6pm – 7.30pm (UK)