Episode One.

From Hatred to Friendship: The power of listening

with Manwar Ali & Ivan Humble

In May, we were delighted to host Ivan Humble and Manwar Ali for the first episode of our Crossing the Divide series. We explored the dangers of misguided hate and the importance of breaking down divisive barriers that lead to extremism. 


This live event has now ended. If you’d like to hear about the other episodes upcoming in the series, please register below.

Ivan Humble was an active member of The English Defence League (EDL). He recruited new members, organised demonstrations, and spread hatred online. I ate and slept the EDL – 24 hours a day, seven days a week,’ he says. Driven by a hatred for Muslims, his actions divided communities.

For 15 years, Manwar Ali was directly involved in violent Jihad in Afghanistan, Kashmir and Burma. He recruited, radicalised and trained young people from the UK for the cause. Motivated by the suffering of Muslims, he believed that violence was the best way to help. ‘For a long time, I lived for death,’ he says.

Ivan and Manwar met in 2010. Manwar had left violence behind, realising that his actions were destroying lives. Ivan left the EDL in 2014 after seeing that his hatred was misplaced. Both men have dedicated their lives to tackling extremism. 

Join Ivan and Manwar as they bravely share their personal journeys into and out of extremism. This unique conversation demonstrates how listening and dialogue undermine polarisation and hate.

“For ten years I was swept up in a world of hate. Only by having difficult conversations can we hope to find solutions.”

– Ivan Humble


“We were blinded by a cause. Over time I opened my eyes.”

– Manwar Ali

This live event has now ended. To watch the recording click here. If you’d like to take part in other events in this series, please register below.