Global Infrastructures for Peace - Plan for Peace

Global Infrastructures for Peace

Our approach is rooted in the concept of building Infrastructures for Peace. It aims to help countries, communities and organisations decide on what institutional and capacity strengthening they need in order to better manage internal divisions lest they devolve into violence.

We help facilitate a wide-range of stakeholders to identify their long-term needs, prioritise them and then to assist in marketing their longer-term institutional and capacity-building needs with the global community.In this work, attention is paid both to the development of supportive civil society, most especially community peacebuilding groups and networks, as well as to business, official and other non-profit organisational capacities.

Our experience has proven that long-term peace requires a whole team effort, a holistic approach.We are undertaking an exciting period of listening and scoping in order to identify opportunities for supporting and strengthening the development of infrastructures for peace globally.

By bringing together leading experts from across peacebuilding, social cohesion, academia, and the corporate and financial sectors, we are identifying new opportunities to build strategic Plans for Peace globally.

Our Work in Kosovo

Kosovo serves as a poignant reminder that peace isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but a collaborative and dynamic process shaped by those who have lived through the challenges. Infrastructures for Peace, in this context, become a shared tool for dialogue at all levels, reconciliation, and community empowerment.

Plan for Peace recently hosted two events in Kosovo based around our Infrastructures for Peace approach. Click the videos below to see our work in action.